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Monday, June 15, 2009

A big O nightmare.

Posted by Barry O Monday, June 15, 2009, under | 3 comments

Last night, I had a dream. It was so horrible that I wet the bed- and let me tell you, that always makes Michelle angry. I mean, we sleep in our own twin beds (Michelle says she’s a big Dick van Dyke show fan), but my urine has an intense carrot smell. It’s awful…

Anyway, the dream was horrible. I was sitting in the Oval Office, and I was surrounded by monkeys. All the monkey’s had Rahm’s face. Worse yet, the monkeys spoke with Geithner’s voice. The monkeys were all eating cheetos. They had the orange cheese powder all over their lips and fingertips.

The monkeys kept trying to massage my shoulders, with their powerful orange fingers. The cheeto dust was rubbing off on my freshly pressed white shirt. To make matters worse, one of the monkeys kept trying to cop a feel. He’d look at me with those beady little monkey eyes and say (with Geithners voice) “Come on baby, time for some hot, greasy monkey sex.” Then he would stick his tongue in my ear. While this was happening, Humpy was having his way with three off the monkeys. Then Bill Clinton came in…

Somehow, this must be Rush Limbaugh’s fault. It always is when it involves , greasy monkey sex.


What the hell have you been ingesting Barry0?

My verification word is "shijeck" What language is that? Sounds middle eastern... almost like skyjack!

Oh Barry O! Rush is ALWAYS one of the major sources of your problems!


Bill brought over some mushrooms. We made pizza.