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Thursday, March 26, 2009

What you need to know about Barry O

Posted by Barry O Thursday, March 26, 2009, under | No comments

Cast of Characters-
Barry O
is smarter than he sometimes seems, but that's not saying much. He is usually well meaning and an all around nice guy, but he's also a little naive.
Rahm is Barry's chief of staff he is prone to sudden outbreaks of violence- usually directed at Geithner. Sometimes hijacks the blog and writes as Barry O- watch out as he lays out his plans for financial ruin.
Geithner is, well Geithner. He is completely inept and prone to forgetfulness. Tends to dress in pastels when not on camera.
Bill is Barry's father figure. He often drops buy to offer his humorous advice. Unfortunately it rarely helps with the troubles at hand. Can usually be found near the intern pool.
Hillary is Bills wife, and Secretary of State. She is a little hot headed and still distrusts Bill after a slight indiscretion. She has a Secret crush on Bebe Netanyahu.
Laura Roslyn- Former Colonial President and Secretary of Education. She was Barry's choice for Secretary of Education. Barry doesn’t seem to realize she is a fictional character.
Arne Duncan is the real Secretary of Education. Barry thinks he looks creepy.
Bebe Netanyahu. Prime minister of Israel- haven't you read a newspaper lately?
Jane Napolitano is the manliest man to grace the west wing since Janet Reno. Barry wonders if Janet is actually a mans name.
Dubya is Barry O's predecessor. He is having a hard time letting things go. He often comes in to the office in the middle of the night to actually provide leadership

The Couch is the couch in the Oval Office. When something is lost, it is the first place Barry looks. So far he's found 9 pairs of panties, an old reel to reel tape an a map marked "Locations of WMDs in Iraq.
FLATUS- Federation of Literary Arts Teachers- United States
Sweet Potato Fritters. Nothing says romance like a Sweet Potato Fritter. This is also Barry's favorite food.
Twilight. Barry thought he would like this series of books. He doesn't.
Battlestar Galactica- Barry is a big fan. He doesn’t really understand it, but the spaceships are cool.
Reset Button (for Russia)- Nuclear Launch console in Barry's office.
Mr. and Mrs. Snuggleworth are Barry O's favorite fluffy bunny slippers.

Orna and Ella's- A restaurant on Shenkin St. in Tel Aviv. They serve Barry's favorite Sweet Potato Fritters