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Friday, June 26, 2009

Meeting with Pelosi on cap and trade

Posted by Barry O Friday, June 26, 2009, under , | 3 comments

Nancy Pelosi stopped by. She kind of creeps me out. She acts like a nervous cat. She has those creepy eyes that seem to be watching everything all at once. She slinks around the room, acting as if she is unsure of whether she should sit or not. She sees and criticizes everything, but doesn’t really seem to care about anything. Humpy positively hates her. He is the only person (or thing, for that matter) that he views as below standards for his special brand of love.

She slinked in, unannounced, to talk about the big cap and trade bill. She's from California and her district makes out pretty good. Not a coal plant within miles of Pelosiland...

She moved around the room, focusing her attention on everything, yet nothing at all. Then she hit me with it.

"You have to do something about cap and trade. We don’t have the votes..."

"Shouldn't this be directed at your whip?" I answered?

She shot mw a come hither look that would have made Eartha Kitt proud, and softly said "Meoooowww". That sight will be burned into my mind forever. It was sort of like seeing your great grandparents make love. You know you shouldn't be watching, but find yourself unable to look away. Not for any salacious reason, mind you- you watch out of sheer horror.

"Barry- where you lead, the people follow" she purred. There hair was now standing up on my neck. Now I felt really creeped out- as if my great grand parents wanted me to watch.

I assured her that she needs to work the house for herself. That's where it got really weird. She faked a heart attack. "This is it- this is the big one. Here I come FDR!"

Personally, I would have thought she would have called out to a Kennedy, like so many other women before her. She plopped down on the couch, clutching her chest. "I'm coming Frankie..."
"Nancy, that's not going to work this time," I added. You'll need to do your own dirty work. I have a sandwich to make. Eating helps me ignore Iran.

This sure is a funny place to work.


Oh, Barry O! I didn't know you work!

I didn't know there was anything more repulsive than Humpy! Or that Humpy and I would ever agree on anything!

Humpy has wisdom beyond his years. And I go to work, I'm just not sure about what I'm supposed to do here...