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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cousin Wolfie

Posted by Barry O Tuesday, February 15, 2011, under ,,,, | No comments

I invited my much smarter cousin Dr. Milton Wolf to the White House the other day. He's a doctor. You see, I am really scared for Geithner. That chair thumping from the other day still has him acting funny. Frankly, I was afraid that we might have to put him down.

Anyway Wolfie showed up to examine Geithner. The timing was perfect. It was like Geithner was channeling some evil spirit. He blathered on about tax cuts and evil empires. He was talking about a shiny city. It was really freaking me out. I wanted to get that Cas guy from Battlestar Galactica to look at his soul. What's with all this angel and demon stuff, on BG anyway? Where's my beloved Laura Roslyn?

Anyway back on topic. Wolfie looked at Geithner and said that he was making more sense than he ever had. Now, I'm really freaked out. Are they both possessed by demons? I must get to the bottom of this. It's downright Supernatural. I should ask the Ghost of FDR...