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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The gipster

Posted by Barry O Sunday, February 13, 2011, under , | No comments

I was really worried about the upcoming election, so I gathered up my closest advisers to come up with a strategy. The meeting included Bubba Clinton, Geithner, Rahm tele-conferencing in from Chicago, Humpy, and the ghost of FDR.

The meeting started out bad and just got worse. Bubba showed up first. He asked to use my PC, and then wouldn't stop looking at some picture of some skinny white girl on a political blog. Geithner sashayed in next. He was wearing a stunning lavender ascot and a white nautical blazer. It was classic Geithner. Finally Rahm showed up. He refused to conjure FDR until someone hit Geithner. I put up an argument, but was finnally forced to knock out Geithner with a chair. We all laughed at that (except Geithner) - it was just like old times!

As we started brainstorming, Geithner started to come out of his chair induced mini-coma. He was mumbling all sorts of nonsense. Supply side this, market economy that, when he said a word i was unfamiliar with. Gimper, or gimpster- no it was the Gipster. He said "the gipster is the answer", before the inner cranial pressure caused him to pass out again.

So, I asked "who is this Ginther? " thats when FDR called me a dumb ass. That's his pet name for me. Rham explained that it was an "old guy from the 80s. No one of consequence, really." Then Bubba spoke up. "Barry, the Gipper was the most beloved president of recent times". I answered, "Bill, please put your pants back on and turn off the computer." Bill then refocused and told me who the gimfer was. Thats when i decided I wanted to be just like him. Except for the tax cuts, strong military and booming economy.

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