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Monday, February 14, 2011

Barry O was caught with a corndog.

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I was just chillaxin over a delicious shrimp smoothie brunch with my close friend Slick Willie, when Geithner stumbled in. He was still suffering from the amazing head trauma suffered in yesterday’s staff meeting. I was upset. The creamy shrimp smoothie was warm and delicious. Not temperature wise- it was so good that it actual made my soul feel like it was on vacay. In short- it was so scrumptious that it was almost sensual. It took serious effort on my part not to continue to slurp on my succulent treat while Geithner blabbered on. I just didn’t give a hump. I would continue to indulge on my moist treat- I would just skip the veggie course if I ran short on time.

Geithner has been only semi-lucent since yesterdays thumping. He is still a good progressive Democrat, but a Reagan Democrat lurks somewhere in his heart. We love diversity in this White House, but we can’t go that far. We must maintain a close-knit liberal community that can be utilized for the next election. We will need throngs of Liberals to turn out if we are to sculpt a victory over the GOP and their rampant Islamaphobia.

Anyway, a special shout out to “Caught with a Corndog” If you pay them a visit, this will make a whole lot mores sense…