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Saturday, February 12, 2011

A gift from Rham

Posted by Barry O Saturday, February 12, 2011, under ,,, | No comments

Rahm may be gone, but his warm and affable spirit still resides within the White House. We see it everywhere. From the way Geithener flintches when someone says Rahms name, to the holes Rahm punched in the walls, to his wonderful gifts.

In fact, I just received a package from Chicago today. What could it be? Was it the special voters registration info from Chicago's cemetaries? Was it those pictures of my secret crush, Michelle Bachman? Whatever it was, I knew it was special.

I stared at the box with a Geithneresque, school girl anticipation. Honestly, my wait was half my patented indecision, and half not having a letter opener. Unfortunatly, my staff removed all sharp objects from my office after the midterms.

I only had one way to open the package. My faithful dog, Humpy. "Here boy", I called. I heard Humpy wheeze and start to drag his ancient body toward me. I thought he could maybe chew through the packaging. That didn't happen. 2 hours latter, my package was still unopened, but Humpy slept, his animal pasions both sated and spent on my package.

There was only one thing left to do. I would have to chew through the packaging myself. Let me just say it was most unplesant, but worth it!

Rahm sent me a new ipad! And it wasn't just any ipad, it was a special presidential ipad. It's red and has two special presidential controls. I just turn the knobs and my input appears on the screen! I especially like the shake to delete function.

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