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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Beer Summit

Posted by Barry O Friday, July 31, 2009, under | 4 comments

As my loyal readers, I think you need the truth of what went on at the
beer summit.

It started out as a nice day. Then Joe Biden showed up with the beer. I
had given him a very specific list, including Blue Moon. I would have
preferred Goose Island, but I can't get that in DC. Anyway Biden shows
up with Pabst Blue Ribbon. Unbelievably, that's not even the worst part.
I handed Joe a one hundred dollar bill, and he brings back a 12 pack of
PBR and 6 bucks in change. Incredible!

So Joe, humpy, and I are sitting around waiting for our guests, and we
each grab a beer. I was sitting Downwind of Joe, and let's just say that
a rather foul wind blows in my direction. Joe starts fanning the air in
front of his face and blames humpy, except that I know that it's not
Humpy because he is sharing his affection on a chair cushion, next to
me, also downwind of Joe. Anyway, I let it slide.

After about an hour Our guest showed up. Dr Gates and that filthy racist
cop guy. I'm going to be honest. I wasn't too sure about the smelly cop.

So, we all sit down and start "enjoying" the PBR's. We were sitting
around talking about pro wrestling- typical gut stuff, when Hillary
walks in.
Gates Jumps out of his chair and starts shaking Hillary's hand.

"Madam, it is my honor to be graced with the presence of the wife of the
countries first black president", say Gates. I haven't said anything,
I'm in complete shock. Then Biden chimes in- "Yep- Clinton was the man."

Now Gates doesn't miss a beat. He goes on and on. "Your husband has done
more for my people than any single man who has ever lived."

I have to say something now. "Hello- Barack here, a REAL black
president." Gates ignores me and continues.

"I may even say that he is the Black Messiah!" Now I'm really mad.
Newsweek said I was the Messiah!

The worse part is Joe is horribly flatulent now. He lets one rip, while
he standing next to me. He takes a step away from me while fanning his
nose and blames me now. Hillary comes back with "There goes Barry,
talking out his ass again." and everyone starts laughing.

I went in after that and had a good crying spell. I deserved it.


Poor Barry0... you can't get no respect!

And how funny is it that my verification word is "scent" ?


Thanks for the visit Barry0.

Sorry I couldn't loan you any money.

Oh, Barry O! You have described exactly why I have affectionately (?)dubbed you President BO and Racist in Chief!

Well done!

Racist in chief, fascist in chief, you guys need to make up your mind!