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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

No one tagged me. :(

Posted by Barry O Tuesday, July 07, 2009, under | 5 comments

Well, no one bothered to tag me in this fun little game of "10 things
about me". You are all a bunch of haters. Except for Humpy- he truly
understands me. Here's my list anyway...

1. Did you know that I know where Osama is? Yep, I've known all along- I
just looked at the return address on his campaign contributions!
2. Did you know that I own a car company? (Yea! We all own a car
3. Did you know that my genitals have permanently shrunk? Extremely low
testosterone is why I won't confront Hugo Chavez. Ahhh, Hugo. Now
there's a guy a pair THIS BIG!
4. Did you know that Humpy is my best friend?
5. Did you know that Britt Hume once spit on me?
6. Did you know that I buy my suits second hand, from a funeral home?
7. Did you know that Katie Couric once grabbed my buttocks after an
8. Did you know that I wish I had picked Sarah Palin as my running mate?
9. Did you know I discovered Joe Biden after he had dug through my
trash, and he was licking an old Taco Bell wrapper?
10. Did you know I once had sexual intercourse?

There you have it- whether you wanted it or not!


That was some list...LOL

Yikes! But that explains some things.

Oh, Barry O! Humpy is your best friend?

Whew! I didn't think you had ANY!

Well, more of a soul mate than a friend, really...