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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

CIA and MJ

Posted by Barry O Wednesday, July 01, 2009, under ,,, | 5 comments

"Mr. President, there's someone to see you from Foggy Bottom..."

"Saggy bottom", I answered. "Perhaps some crunches are in order"

"No Mr. President, I mean the CIA. He's here with Rahm"

"Well show them in."

It was good to see Rahm. He's so busy running the country that I don't get to see him as much as I used to. He strode in confidently with a thoroughly non-descript man. Probably in his forties. He could have been anyone.

Rahm said "We have an important briefing for you."

The CIA Guy answered "Do we? I haven't decided yet."

"He has met Drooz" answered Rahm with a shrug.

CIA guy was not impressed. "You mean the greys? An alien race hell bent on mankind's destruction? That doesn’t even make it through the junk mail filter on my blackberry. I ignore scarier things than that everyday."

"Look, you are bound by law to tell him. He has the need to know."

I needed to take charge- "Gentleman you will end this nonsense and brief me."

The CIA guy looked at me like he would look at a bug he was about to squash- it was a scary look. "Isn't that cute, he thinks he is in charge."

I now felt very uncomfortable, I did what I do best in these situations. I deferred to Rahm.

"Barry," said Rahm, "We need to talk about Michael Jackson."

"What about him?" I asked. I was always a big fan, so I wondered what the CIA had on him.

Rahm's answer was unbelievable. "He was head of the Illuminati- and the Nights of Columbus. Because the Illuminati is leaderless the is a vary real threat of a global economic meltdown."

I was fascinated and interjected "Like last fall?" CIA guy answered "He said "real" numb nuts." I wondered who's nuts were numb.

"That's not all. There is a very real chance of open warfare between the Knights of Columbus and the Shriners." added Rahm

"Wow my money is on the Knights- they've got swords" I said.

"I'm not worried about the swords" said CIA guy. "They both have nukes"

Yep, it's been an interesting day...


Most amusing post I've read today, as always.

Well I'm glad you're getting a straight scoop on it Barry0!

Thanks Pajama Underground!

Ananda, it's an ugly world out there. It's the known unknowns that cannot be knowingly unknown...

Oh, Barry O! The Knights of Columbus and the Shriners both have microwaves? Who would have thunk it?