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Thursday, July 09, 2009

A true (liberal) nightmare.

Posted by Barry O Thursday, July 09, 2009, under | 3 comments

Michelle is not talking to me. I seemed to have offended her somehow,
and in fact slept on the couch in the oval office last night. I don't
know if it was being a tall man sleeping on a short couch, or what, but
it was a pretty uncomfortable night. It gave me nightmares.

I dreamt that I was living in a land where the only tax was this thing
called a "fair tax". It's like the sales tax I want to use to fund
healthcare, only it would REPLACE THE INCOME TAX. I still shudder
thinking about it. This was a strange and horrible place that I was
dreaming of. The Unites States was the worlds sole Hyperpower, instead
of one of a dozen of so equals throughout the world. That's just not
good for our friends over seas in Venezuela or China or Iran. Creepy.
Finally, we had a medical insurance system that gave Americans the best
healthcare in the world. People could actually be scheduled for
emergency surgery, immediately. What a nightmare!

Well, good thing my staff and I are working hard to ensure that this
remains a horrible nightmare, and not the worlds most prosperous nation!


Go back to sleep dear.

P.S. My verification word is "ilizoad". Aren't they related to the "Under Toad" ?

Under toad? I almost drowned in an undertoad, once.

Oh, Barry O! We sure 'nuff wouldn't want the U.S. to remain prosperous! I know you can take care of that.