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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Beer Summit

Posted by Barry O Friday, July 31, 2009, under | 4 comments

As my loyal readers, I think you need the truth of what went on at the
beer summit.

It started out as a nice day. Then Joe Biden showed up with the beer. I
had given him a very specific list, including Blue Moon. I would have
preferred Goose Island, but I can't get that in DC. Anyway Biden shows
up with Pabst Blue Ribbon. Unbelievably, that's not even the worst part.
I handed Joe a one hundred dollar bill, and he brings back a 12 pack of
PBR and 6 bucks in change. Incredible!

So Joe, humpy, and I are sitting around waiting for our guests, and we
each grab a beer. I was sitting Downwind of Joe, and let's just say that
a rather foul wind blows in my direction. Joe starts fanning the air in
front of his face and blames humpy, except that I know that it's not
Humpy because he is sharing his affection on a chair cushion, next to
me, also downwind of Joe. Anyway, I let it slide.

After about an hour Our guest showed up. Dr Gates and that filthy racist
cop guy. I'm going to be honest. I wasn't too sure about the smelly cop.

So, we all sit down and start "enjoying" the PBR's. We were sitting
around talking about pro wrestling- typical gut stuff, when Hillary
walks in.
Gates Jumps out of his chair and starts shaking Hillary's hand.

"Madam, it is my honor to be graced with the presence of the wife of the
countries first black president", say Gates. I haven't said anything,
I'm in complete shock. Then Biden chimes in- "Yep- Clinton was the man."

Now Gates doesn't miss a beat. He goes on and on. "Your husband has done
more for my people than any single man who has ever lived."

I have to say something now. "Hello- Barack here, a REAL black
president." Gates ignores me and continues.

"I may even say that he is the Black Messiah!" Now I'm really mad.
Newsweek said I was the Messiah!

The worse part is Joe is horribly flatulent now. He lets one rip, while
he standing next to me. He takes a step away from me while fanning his
nose and blames me now. Hillary comes back with "There goes Barry,
talking out his ass again." and everyone starts laughing.

I went in after that and had a good crying spell. I deserved it.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Planetary collisions

Posted by Barry O Wednesday, July 29, 2009, under | 1 comment

I'm not much for astralolomy, but I heard about a massive planetary
collision. I'm worried. I've already confused NASA to the point that
they have no idea of where they are going or what they are doing. Then,
to top it off, I overheard Geithner talking about a collision of "Uranus
with my Dick". He was quite excited about the whole thing. Usually he
doesn't get so worked up over the former VP, Dick Cheney.

I got to thinking. It doesn't take an idiot to realize that any contact
between Uranus and Dick would be catastrophic. So, I propose that we
wrap dick in latex to protect him. God forbid that any contact between
Dick and Uranus results in penetration, but if it does, this should keep
the former VP clean.

I tried to call Bruce Willis, the star of Armageddon, with this. After I
got him on the phone, he became really agitated when I asked him to help
save my Dick (hey, we are all in this together) from Uranus. He just
yelled about his taxes and how my Dick was already in his anus, and
hung up. I'm not sure about how that was relevant.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Posted by Barry O Tuesday, July 28, 2009, under | 1 comment

Just to clarify. I didn't say Biden was an enormous asset. I said he was an enormous ass...

First crapper funds restroom complete.

Posted by Barry O Tuesday, July 28, 2009, under | 6 comments

Well, looks like my legacy is, well, in the crapper! I flew a photographer out to take a picture of the first Crapper completed with stimulus funds, and I must say that the work is remarkable. Especially when judged against other government work. In a word, or 7, it sums up the whole Obama experience!
This, America, is why you made the right choice in November. Speaker Pelosi, Sen. Reid and I could not be happier with the results of this stimulus project.
To top it off, Geithner said he was going to take the first plane out to meet a friend at the new crapper!
I just couldn't be prouder!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Barry is back!

Posted by Barry O Monday, July 27, 2009, under | 4 comments

We'll I'm back. Sorry I haven't written in a while, but I've been a
little depressed by the latest tracking polls. You see, I know that
everyone loves me because Rahm keeps telling me so. I'm just a little
confused by the numbers. That's when I had an idea. I knew that I had to
find a way to use the stimulus funds in a way that would truly benefit
everyone. Then, and only then, could America show it's love for me

I thought long and hard, but I was coming up blank. Then I overheard Tim
Geithner while he was on the phone. He was complaining about catching
something called "the clap" in a men's room. I don't know what that
means, but I know that public restrooms benefit everyone in many
wondrous ways. So what could I do?

A crapper bailout. Massive public funds for public restrooms. I call it
the "Claptrap for Crappers" program. We'll have pins paraphrasing the
immortal Mike Ditka, saying "Who ya crappin?" Who am I crappin'? I'm
crappin' Iron Mike and everyone else.

I feel my approval ratings hitting the toilet was a message from God. My
legacy is in the crapper, and it is through the crapper that the Obama
administration shall be delivered.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Health care made simple

Posted by Barry O Wednesday, July 15, 2009, under | 7 comments

I told you this would be easy!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Not again

Posted by Barry O Friday, July 10, 2009, under | 4 comments

Okay- Michelle is going to be really angry now. I got caught twice today. And what's the worst part about this? Sarkosy is looking at me again.

What the hell? Every time a hottie bends over in front of us, he's staring at me.

I'm really uncomfortable now...

Caption me!

Posted by Barry O Friday, July 10, 2009, under | 2 comments

Okay- this is why Michelle is angry with me, but you have to admit that is (as Bill would say) a sweet, sweet ass.

The real problem here, isnt so much that I was about to swat Mayora Taveras on the bum (I'm a Democrat and we get away with that sort of thing), it's that she is only 16. That and I think Sarkozy may have been checking me out...

Anyhow, please add your own caption in the remarks.


Thursday, July 09, 2009

A true (liberal) nightmare.

Posted by Barry O Thursday, July 09, 2009, under | 3 comments

Michelle is not talking to me. I seemed to have offended her somehow,
and in fact slept on the couch in the oval office last night. I don't
know if it was being a tall man sleeping on a short couch, or what, but
it was a pretty uncomfortable night. It gave me nightmares.

I dreamt that I was living in a land where the only tax was this thing
called a "fair tax". It's like the sales tax I want to use to fund
healthcare, only it would REPLACE THE INCOME TAX. I still shudder
thinking about it. This was a strange and horrible place that I was
dreaming of. The Unites States was the worlds sole Hyperpower, instead
of one of a dozen of so equals throughout the world. That's just not
good for our friends over seas in Venezuela or China or Iran. Creepy.
Finally, we had a medical insurance system that gave Americans the best
healthcare in the world. People could actually be scheduled for
emergency surgery, immediately. What a nightmare!

Well, good thing my staff and I are working hard to ensure that this
remains a horrible nightmare, and not the worlds most prosperous nation!

Drooz- your country needs you

Posted by Barry O Thursday, July 09, 2009, under | No comments

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Posted by Barry O Wednesday, July 08, 2009, under | 3 comments

MSNBC ran the headline that the group of 8 and I recently tackled the
global economy. I wouldn't really say we tackled it, as much as
subjugated the economy in a complete takedown. No doubt about it- we
kicked it's ass. It's going to take years to recover.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

No one tagged me. :(

Posted by Barry O Tuesday, July 07, 2009, under | 5 comments

Well, no one bothered to tag me in this fun little game of "10 things
about me". You are all a bunch of haters. Except for Humpy- he truly
understands me. Here's my list anyway...

1. Did you know that I know where Osama is? Yep, I've known all along- I
just looked at the return address on his campaign contributions!
2. Did you know that I own a car company? (Yea! We all own a car
3. Did you know that my genitals have permanently shrunk? Extremely low
testosterone is why I won't confront Hugo Chavez. Ahhh, Hugo. Now
there's a guy a pair THIS BIG!
4. Did you know that Humpy is my best friend?
5. Did you know that Britt Hume once spit on me?
6. Did you know that I buy my suits second hand, from a funeral home?
7. Did you know that Katie Couric once grabbed my buttocks after an
8. Did you know that I wish I had picked Sarah Palin as my running mate?
9. Did you know I discovered Joe Biden after he had dug through my
trash, and he was licking an old Taco Bell wrapper?
10. Did you know I once had sexual intercourse?

There you have it- whether you wanted it or not!

Al Gore dropped by today

Posted by Barry O Tuesday, July 07, 2009, under | 2 comments

Al Gore stopped by today. You wouldn't believe how much that guy sweats.
He blames global warming, but Bill had the thermostat permanently set to
58 degrees when he was in the oval office. He said it improved his view,
whatever that means. Anyway, Gore is always sweating. He actually leaves
the seat wet when he stands up. It's disgusting....

Anyway, he was sweating even worse than normal today. He was wearing an
army helmet and what appeared to be an accessorizing vest. He said I had
to save the world from the climate Nazi's. This intrigued me, as newly
crowned king of the world, I thought I should know about any problems
with those bastard Nazi's. To quote a great man "Nazi's? I hate those

So Gore goes on to tell me where all the Nazi's are. "They are hiding in
our factories, and in our schools. They are killing us as we speak."
Well that caused me to scream. The Secret Service burst in asked where
the woman in distress was. I said I was in distress. They just shook
their head and said something about spending too much time with
Geithner. Then things got worse when Gore started consoling me. He said
I sounded "almost like a man" when I screamed. Not the way I wanted to
spend my day.

Al went on to say that we needed massive cuts in carbon emissions. He
also said we needed a Manhattan project. If memory serves, the idea
behind the Manhattan project was to kill a bunch of foreigners. I asked
if that would help this time. Al said no- "the enemy is the United
States." Cheese and crackers! I couldn't order a nuclear strike on the
United States, could I?

Monday, July 06, 2009

Important decisions.

Posted by Barry O Monday, July 06, 2009, under | 3 comments

As you may have heard, today I met President Dmitry Medvedev. My guys
(the main stream media) will tell you that it's about arms control and
mending broken fences. But we touched on some pretty important things.

"Barry, how you are doing? In Soviet Russia we are doing goodly!", said
my old pal Dmitry.

"We are doing well, you big old cuddly bear!" I said as we exchanged
what Rahm calls "Euro-fag kisses".

"The world. It is a dangerous place, with all that happens in the wake
of the Kings death..."said Dmitry. Curiously, as soon as he mentioned
Michael Jackson a buzzer went off, and the GRU agent standing next to
Dmitry hit him with what looked to be a sock filled with a couple of
rolls of quarters. It landed with a mushy sounding plunk atop Dmitry's
head. You could tell he was getting used to this- it barely phased him.
"You see", said an embarrassed Dmitry "Vlad Putin still has some use for
American currency. We must not speak of the current troubles in the

I was ushered into my limousine. Rahm and CIA guy were already waiting.
"Barry-" sad Rahm "you have to stay focused- we can't have you messing
this up, like you did with Angela Merkel." That brought back some un
pleasant memories. I still can't believe that Bill Clinton convinced me
that a slap on the bottom was the customary German greeting for foreign
dignitaries. "Rahm-" I said, "I a can promise you I won't be slapping
Putin's bottom today." I think CIA guy was relieved, because he started

"Look you Moron", said CIA guy. I looked behind me but couldn't find the
moron. To bad. Morons are funny. "Take this." He handed me a small fish-
like in those Douglass Adams books. I immediately realized that it was a
Babel fish and would allow me to understand foreign languages. I
excitedly jammed the fish in my ear. It was to big, but I figured the
fish knew what it was supposed to do. It was then I noticed everyone was
looking at me funny. "Barry," said Rahm "Why did you kill the gift that
we were going to give Putin?"

As I looked down at what was left of the fish, I realized that I had
made a mistake. Oh well, I put the fish back in the bag and looked for
something to wipe my hands (and face) with.

CIA guy was getting used to life in the west wing and didn't complain
about the fish. He continued to stare at me and said. "Let me do the
talking. Don't speak unless I give you the signal. I'll twitch my right
finger. Otherwise, don't interject.

We pulled up at Putin's dacha- it was a huge onion domed castle. Russian
troops were everywhere. They must have all been fans- they were all
staring at me just like the CIA guy. As the limo pulled through the
gate, and drove under the huge hammer and sickle affixed to a "victory
gate", I felt truly at home.

We exited the car and were led to a large room. A huge mahogany table
took up the middle of the room. Putin was sitting on a golden throne,
which itself was sitting upon a golden platform some 16 feet in the air.
Medvedev sat at his side- on the floor. Putin towered a good 14 feet
over Dmitry- who was wearing a ball gag. Geithner saw this and started
to sweat for some reason. We all took our seats which were low to the
ground- how nice of Vlad to think about Rahm's bad knees! The table came
up to our necks, and Vlad rested his feet on the end of the table
opposite of us.

Vlad just stared at us for a good five minutes. He was surrounded by
three men in fezzes- they looked like shriners. As we all sat in
silence, you could see that Rahm and Geithner were awed by the spectacle
of the throne room. CIA guy broke the silence by spitting on the table.
This seemed to amuse Vlad, he started laughing- and so did CIA guy.
"Brad, old friend it is good to see you!" boomed Vlad's voice over some
kind of amplifier. "We have much to speak of- including of why you have
made my room smell of fish."

"That we do Vlad, as for the fish..." CIA guy jerked a thumb at me. "You
know how it is..." they both then started to laugh and point at Dmitri
and me. They were then back to business. "You know, if you continue to
supply your shriner friends with nukes, we'll match you one for one with
our gifts to the Knights. We won't allow you to install a new king..."

"Yes, of this I have been thinking. We must agree to a new king, so that
this will never happen again."

"He'd have to be utterly malleable," said CIA guy.

"And none too smart", said Vlad

"Telegenic" said CIA guy.

"With absolutely no backbone whatsoever..." stated Vlad

At this point everyone in the room was looking at me. Yea me! I'm king
of the world!!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

CIA and MJ

Posted by Barry O Wednesday, July 01, 2009, under ,,, | 5 comments

"Mr. President, there's someone to see you from Foggy Bottom..."

"Saggy bottom", I answered. "Perhaps some crunches are in order"

"No Mr. President, I mean the CIA. He's here with Rahm"

"Well show them in."

It was good to see Rahm. He's so busy running the country that I don't get to see him as much as I used to. He strode in confidently with a thoroughly non-descript man. Probably in his forties. He could have been anyone.

Rahm said "We have an important briefing for you."

The CIA Guy answered "Do we? I haven't decided yet."

"He has met Drooz" answered Rahm with a shrug.

CIA guy was not impressed. "You mean the greys? An alien race hell bent on mankind's destruction? That doesn’t even make it through the junk mail filter on my blackberry. I ignore scarier things than that everyday."

"Look, you are bound by law to tell him. He has the need to know."

I needed to take charge- "Gentleman you will end this nonsense and brief me."

The CIA guy looked at me like he would look at a bug he was about to squash- it was a scary look. "Isn't that cute, he thinks he is in charge."

I now felt very uncomfortable, I did what I do best in these situations. I deferred to Rahm.

"Barry," said Rahm, "We need to talk about Michael Jackson."

"What about him?" I asked. I was always a big fan, so I wondered what the CIA had on him.

Rahm's answer was unbelievable. "He was head of the Illuminati- and the Nights of Columbus. Because the Illuminati is leaderless the is a vary real threat of a global economic meltdown."

I was fascinated and interjected "Like last fall?" CIA guy answered "He said "real" numb nuts." I wondered who's nuts were numb.

"That's not all. There is a very real chance of open warfare between the Knights of Columbus and the Shriners." added Rahm

"Wow my money is on the Knights- they've got swords" I said.

"I'm not worried about the swords" said CIA guy. "They both have nukes"

Yep, it's been an interesting day...


Posted by Barry O Wednesday, July 01, 2009, under | 2 comments

I know that many people show grief in different ways. It appears that Rev. Al Sharpton was so distressed by the death of Michael Jackson that he decided to grind his sorrow away. A little PDA always pricks up, well you get the idea.

I truly hope that Rev. Sharpton never loses a family member. I can't imagine what would happen (in public) then. I just pray that I never have to see it.
Enjoy this picture, while Barry O goes to bleach his eyeballs clean. So Dirty...