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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

42 miles per gallon- and 1300 bucks per vehicle.

Posted by Barry O Tuesday, May 19, 2009, under | 3 comments

You may not know this, but we are filthy stinking rich. I made bazillions on my books and Michelle has always done her own thing- also raking in big bucks. We also take public transportation everywhere- you've probably seen us in the publicly funded limousines we ride in. In fact, this new CAFE policy won't affect us at all.

It will, however, affect you. Your new cars will go up about 1300 dollars, and get slightly better gas mileage. This will allow you to feel better about yourself. Your car might be reposed, but you'll feel better about your gasoline usage. BTW, that's 44 extra dollars per month in car payment. IF you have good credit. You would save about 3 dollars per tank of gas. Most people fill up once a week. Your 44 dollars a month gets you 12 dollars a month in savings. Does this remind anyone of my economic plan? For the record, thats a 384 dollar a year loss for most new car buyers.


BTW-McCain was for this, as was Bush.

Anonymous coward-

I believe they were "open" to it, if I remember. That implies listening- not action. No one needs to put out another 400 bucks a year in theis Obamanation of an economy.

At least take a moment to make up a fake name...

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