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Friday, May 22, 2009

A haunting experience of presidents past

Posted by Barry O Friday, May 22, 2009, under ,, | 5 comments

People often say the Whitehouse is haunted by ghosts- mostly Abe Lincoln. I haven't seen Lincoln yet, but I saw something pretty disturbing yesterday.

I set out looking for Bill Clinton- he still hangs out here quite a bit. I thought he might be able to help me with my Cheney situation. Usually when I need to find Bill, I head down to the intern pool. Since I needed to walk Humpy, I thought it would be a good time to take him for a drag. What I saw when I reached the intern pool shocked both Humpy and I.

Bill was lying there, almost naked. He was wearing only a red, white and blue pork pie hat and a Clinton/Gore 92 ankle bracelet. There was a rather porcine young lady licking peanut butter out of his belly button. She was dressed to look like Cookie the Clown . Stars and Stripes forever was blasting on the stereo. A second intern, dressed up as Wizzo the Wizard , was fanning Bill while also drizzling honey on his nipples. Bill had a Bozo the Clown wig on, under the pork pie hat. He kept on yelling "Guess what's in bucket number 6" while pointing at his genitals.

I have to tell you, this isn't what I thought I was getting myself into...


You know, I thought it would be Humpy who would be disturbing me this time, but no... this was even more disturbing.

Yep- Humpy was equally horrified- Now the two of you have something in common!

Thanks for reading everyday- you are one of my favorite readers!

Thank you! Now can I borrow the keys to the Hummer?

Oh, Barry O! Were you close enough to see whether that peanut butter was REALLY in Ol' Bill's belly button?

I was close enough to see the hair stuck in the peanut butter....