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Thursday, May 14, 2009


Posted by Barry O Thursday, May 14, 2009, under | 9 comments

I used some connections of mine to become a member of Bushwood Country Club. It's not all I thought it would be. People shun me for what I am. I find that intolerable. I was born this way. I should not be judged this way. People shouldn't shun me because I am a liberal.

Anyway, the restaurant is pretty good. I sat there alone, Rahm was going to come, but he couldn't. You know, he's Jewish. I pointed out that Rahm's record proves that no one is a bigger enemy of Israel, but that wasn't good enough...

To get back on message, today's lunch special was Chicken Parmesan. It tasted great, but gave me horrible gas. When I went home, no one wanted to be around me.

I had a meeting scheduled with Nancy Pelosi. She took it like a trooper. I know she noticed, because this was the worst gas I had ever had. I couldn't stop myself from making a variety of sounds, and odors.

Finally, after she had turned green, she asked if I was well. Then she asked if I wanted to postpone. We had 40 minutes left on the schedule, so I just smiled and said "Nope."

I think The Speaker would agree that even the water boarding briefings she didn't attend went better than this...


hey BarryO,

Your not nearly a good enough writer to pull this off. And your bitterness shines through which makes me think nothing of Obama.

Back to the drawing board.

1400 twitter followers disagree- there is a market for this.

The concept for this blog is White House Mess, crossed with Diary of a mad 3rd grader. The blog was actually reviewed by an unknown 3rd party who used that exact terminology. I guess that means we nailed it...

btw, I think that you meant you're (not your).

Anonymous is back. Whoot! I enjoy Anonymous. Sorry Barry0... I've got a thing for guys who stand up for what they believe, even if I don't agree.

Sorry, I didn't mean to comment as anonymous and have never commented other than yesterday - I stand by my comment that this rookie-shtick isn't really working for me. It's not really funny, not very insightful and sounds nothing like a man that has accomplished a law degree, a professorship, 2 books and a Presidency.

Your right-wing sour grapes personality shines through the pieces I have read which posits you into this arena of only having right-wingers think you're funny.

Maybe if you took 'yourself' out of the pieces and were a lot more balanced, this would be funny and clever. But as it is you come off like a grumpy Anne Coulter wanna-be.

And my point is this could be a great and balanced look at politics of the first person and the new found genre of 1st person journalism.

Now, do you want to improve your writing or just be some hack that only listens to people that agree with their politics. This is why the GOP is in the toilet: they don't listen, they don't evolve and they live in an echo chamber.

This blog could be so good if you got out of the way and didn't use it as a way to denigrate the President.

BTW, I also hated that fucking "Little Bush" show for the exact same reason. Said nothing and only denigrated.

But don't listen to me, your echo chamber will give you all the truth you need.

(Thanks Ananda!!!)



Oh, Barry O! You have given new meaning (or at least maintained the same meaning) to when I call you President BO!

Gary- thanks for ID'ing yourself- but the point is, it's not supposed to sound just like Obama. This is a parody of Liberals. It's a parody of Liberal Bloggers. It's a Parody of liberals who comment at blogs. This is truly one of the problems- liberals typicaly can't laugh at themselves. I supported President Reagan, but also regularly read Bloom County. People on the left can't seem to do that, which is why I write this blog. It points out that liberals only have a sense of humor when bashing Republcians...

"the point is, it's not supposed to sound just like Obama"

Um. I got that on the first post. Gary, relax & roll with it! This is one of the few blogs that exists for a laugh (albeit, tongue-in-cheek...oh, for goodness sake, if I have to explain it, I'm working too hard!)

Glad to see that anon, has a name, Gary!

Barry O. Keep up the good work. This is rich stuff! :)