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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trouble on the homefront

Posted by Barry O Wednesday, May 13, 2009, under , | 1 comment

So, Michelle saw me sitting with my WangUS in a cup of ice. When we were trying to have kids, I was plagued by a low sperm count. The doctor thought that icing my testicles would help. Long story short when Michelle saw me sitting there in the oval office, with my pants around my knees, dipping my junk in a cup of ice, and immediately thought I wanted new bebes. Now, everyone knows that I don't think anyone should be cursed with bebe's. That's where I stand- on a firmly anti-bebe plank. That includes my own bebes.

Anyhow- when she moved in to consummate in the filthy, dirty ways that we are accustomed to (straight missionary, eyes closed, no more that 2.5 minutes, with plenty of crying afterwards), she noticed the stitches. She blamed Bill for some reason, and ran out. At least I think she blamed Bill, she said she had to find him "before the mood wore off" (whatever that means).

So she comes back 2 hours later. The walk must have relaxed her- she looked very serene. She started laughing and calling WangUS "FrankenWangUS". What does Al Franken have to do with this?


Oh, Barry O! Now that you mention it, I do remember your having said that if one of your daughters got pregnant, having the bebe would be a punishment for her.