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Thursday, May 07, 2009

My comments on Arlen.

Posted by Barry O Thursday, May 07, 2009, under , | 1 comment

Arlen Specter sent men email, complaining that I am not keeping my promises. Aside from wondering "what makes him any different than anyone else". I didn't think much of it. The the complaint hit the Internet, so I thought I'd comment

• Specter said that he would be keeping his seniority when he announced his party switch last week. Harry Reid didn't keep that promise- he did not keep his seniority. Harry said, "He is a person who's been in the Senate since 1980. I think he should be able to handle himself." So, there there it is, right form the lips of Harry Reid- experience doesn't matter in government.
• In an interview with Deborah Solomon, Arlen pointed out that he was hoping that the courts in Minnesota would do "justice" and declare former Republican Sen. Norm Coleman the winner in the contested Senatorial election. Arlen later told Reid that he briefly "forgot what team I was on." In all honesty, Specter forgot what team he was on long before this interview, so let's cut him some slack...
• Specter has done little to back off his initial assertion that his decision to switch parties was based entirely on political calculations. This is something I respect. It's the principle that my administration holds most dear.

So, to summarize, Arlen is our kind of guy, but that won't stop us from screwing him over. Again, what makes him any different than anyone else?


Oh, Barry O! You guys always DID like the, make that the Turn-Coats.