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Monday, May 18, 2009

Einat Haran

Posted by Barry O Monday, May 18, 2009, under , | 4 comments

I met with Bebe today. I don't think it went very well. He kept talking about Terrorists. I wanted to talk about Palestinians. He kept saying it was the same thing. I didn't get it. Bebe just got frustrated and changed the subject.

He said that he had brought me a gift, so I was quite excited. It was a box of fritters! I vociferously thanked Bebe. He continued to look at me sternly. He asked, "Do you notice anything?" I noticed that the fritters were shaped like a little girl. Bebe asked "Do you know the little girls name?" I said I did not. I love riddles! Bebe said, "Her name is Einat Haran, do you know who she is?" I asked if she had made the fritters. Bebe said that she had not. "She is a little girl who used to live in Israel. Palestinian terrorists kicked in her door, and drug her outside. They then hit her in the head many times with a rock. She died that day. My predecessor released her murderer."

I asked why he would do such a horrible thing. Bebe answered that "He was taking advice form the same people you are on this issue."

Maybe we do need some change around here...


How about a heaping bowl of Gaza noodles to go with that. Each noodle represents a pallistinian child killed by Israel.

Punta ka sa blog ko at may libreng pagkain!

Anonymous Coward,

The problem with your argument is that it is based on lies. The Israili military goes so far out of the way to avoid collateral damage that it is costing them lives. Did you know that before military ops are carried out phone calls are placed to the surrounding area to warn people to leave? Did you know that Palistinians have killed far more Palistinians than Isreal has? Of course you don't- you are not interested in the truth.