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Friday, May 01, 2009

Economy update

Posted by Barry O Friday, May 01, 2009, under ,, | 6 comments

I just wanted to drop everyone a little note. The economy is fine. It must be, because Michelle just spent five hundred forty dollars on new tennis shoes.
They are pretty cool. That would buy about three weeks groceries for a family of four. That could also pay for a months rent for a single mom. Or a a pair of tennis shoes.
The key here is, everything is all right. I enjoy four years of job security- hence the ridiculously expensive shoes, which look like 50.00 converse tennis shoes. This doesn't prove that we are out of touch, just that we don't care if you are suffering.


Well, you need $500 dollar shoes if you're used to using diamond encrusted toilet seats.

Enjoying the posts- always good forn a laugh, especially on Fridays. Keep it up!

I'm terribly sorry, Barry, but I don't understand the point of owning 500+ dollar sneakers.

To me, shoes should protect your feet against moisture, temperature, and sharp objects. That's all.

I can find shoes like that at WalMart for $19.96

Oh, Barry O! I looked up the word, "arrogance" in the dictionary. Here's what it said: Michelle and Barack Obama.

Imagine that.