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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Posted by Barry O Wednesday, May 27, 2009, under | 3 comments

My national security team came to see me today. They don't visit much, so I knew it must be important. They wanted to talk about Korea.

"Did someone buy me a Hyundai"? I asked. Rahm said no. Then he punched Geithner for some reason.

"Oh I know, Hyundai is buying General Motors?" "No!" Screamed Hillary "Don't you read the papers?" She shrieked.

I answered that "Reading is not my forte." Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Mr President, North Korea-" I interrupted for some clarification. "Which one is that?"

"The one on Top." added Hillary. She was getting agitated. What had Bill done now?

She continued "Top Korea has stated it's intention to abandon the armistice that nominally ended the Korean War."

"Can't we handle it like our economy? You know, make some market negative blanket statements and then let China worry about it?"

"No Mr. President," added Hillary "you need to make a decision on how the United States will react."

I knew what I must do. I said, "I will go to the UN and address all the nations of the world. I will bravely stand before my equals and issue the statement that I built my legislative career around. I will proudly stand and state that I am 'Present'."

I knew that I had said the right thing- everyone stood around and looked awestruck. I think Hillary even had a tear in her eye.


They have threatened our warships and civilian ships, South Korea too. Iran and Syria are lining up to get nuclear supplies. Pakistan is going to want to do their own tests, if N.K. gets away with this... Israel will feel threatened. Someone is going to blow something up!

Time to stand and deliver, Barry0

Oh, Barry O! All is not lost after all. This is the first time I ever realized that Hillar could cry.


Well it looks like crying. She convulses and grunts alot. I'm not sure actual tears are produced, though