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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Matt Drudge is a douche.

Posted by Barry O Thursday, March 19, 2009, under ,, | 2 comments

I learned a new word today, when Hillary gave me my new nickname. The word was "douche". I asked Michelle what it meant, and was appalled when she told me. Why would someone call another person that. A little part of me died with this revelation. Then I read Matt Drudge, and I understood what a douche really is. He wrote about another blog. The blog that my teleprompter has. Why would he publicize my 'prompter's blog and not mine. I mean, I'm the Man (note to self- look into a "The Man" tattoo) .

This really bothered me, so i asked Rahm about it. He confirmed that Drudge is a douche. Rahm said "He's so full of douchey goodness that he smells like a fresh summers breeze. He's an even bigger douche than Geithner."

So there you have it- a bigger douche than Geitner. That's a 2 liter douche to be sure...


Would that be a vinegar and water douche or perhaps medicated?

That's a good question. Perhaps we should have a poll- I'll get geitner right on that- he's the administrations expert on douche.