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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Currency

Posted by Barry O Tuesday, March 24, 2009, under | 1 comment

So, Rahm vetoed my playing guitar tonight. This made me think that I needed something else to open with. So, I flipped through the paper (the Washington Times- that's our dirty little secret) and found something.

I read that both China and Russia are proposing a common worldwide currency. I agree with them. I propose the Obamo- a new world wide currency. The Obamo will not be based on anything tangible- we will base it on a floating scale of how we feel about ourselves, and buy ourselves, I mean me. 

For example: I really hate shrimp, so shrimp would be of little value to our new economy- remember it's based on how I feel. So, relax- I bet your bottom Obamo, that the sun will come up tomorrow.


Oh, Barry O, that new Obamo thing, whose picture(s)will adorn it?