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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We met an Army Guy... (R2G20 Part 3)

Posted by Barry O Tuesday, March 31, 2009, under ,, | 1 comment

So, we wandered off into the desert, searching for Tel Aviv. Guess what? We bumped into an Army Guy. Only this Army Guy slaps me every time I call him Army Guy. He's become quite frustrated with me, and Geithner keeps looking at him funny- kind of how Bill looks at Michelle. Anyhow, were out in the desert, with no water or anything, and this Army Guy jumps out of nowhere. He was covered in sweat and ran up to us. He kept motioning for us to get down, so we did.

"President Obama?" I'm SSgt Perry Thomason. I'm here to bring you home."
I replied, "Well SSgt, we are going for fritters- so I hope by home you meant to say Tel Aviv."
He looked at me funny and said, "With respect sir, that would cause us to walk all the way through Iran- you were heading away from Tel Aviv. But, that’s good, because we have the entire 2nd Marine Special Operations Battalion is looking for you.- and you are headed right for them"

That's when Geithner chimed in- "Does the 2nd MSOB have Potato fritters?"

The SSgt looked confused- these army guys are kind of simple sometimes. "No, we are here to bring you to safety." he said- "Look, you guys need to ride my camel-"

Geithner broke in with "Does that mean what I think it means?"

The SSgt Thomason was adamant that it did not.

Any how, the SSgt brought us presents- local clothing to wear. I think this will be fun.