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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wii play Wii

Posted by Barry O Tuesday, March 31, 2009, under ,, | 2 comments

Geithner brought his wii over the oval office. He wanted to prove to me that it was cool after Rahm told us that "Only fairies play wii." Rahm is a x-box 360 man, and consistently pokes fun at Geithner about this...

Anyway, Geithner hooks it up top the big plasma in my office. We had to unhook TOTUS (Easy, O. You can do this!), but we got it figured out after only 3 or four hours. Would you believe the plugs were color coded?

Anyway we started the game, and started playing this little baseball game where you swing the controller to like a baseball bat to hit a baseball. There we are having a great time, and it becomes my turn to bat again. I took a mighty swing- and the controller slips out of my hand. It flies across the office and hits Geithner in the head. He drops like a rock, and hits his head (again) on the corner of my desk. So, there he is, just lying there. There's blood everywhere and it looks like he's not breathing. I knew exactly what to do. It was time for some Barry O mouth to mouth.

I used the preferred head/tilt chin lift method and started to breath for Geithner. After a 15 breaths- Rahm opens the door and sees us. He says "Damn it, I knew this was going to happen." I pleaded with him to help, but all he would say was "Unh-unh- don't ask, don't tell." Then he left. Eventually Tim came through- I could tell because he started wiggling his tongue around to let me know he was awake.

Just another day in the oval office.


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