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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Time on my hands

Posted by Barry O Thursday, March 19, 2009, under | 6 comments

People have said that I am too busy to handle all the problems that "our company" faces. The job is too big for one man, regardless of his qualifications or intelligence. I will prove that this statement is untrue.

How will I prove this? I'll prove it by taking some of my precious time and committing to an urgent matter. My five hundred thousand dollar book deal. Since Rahm is not around to think for me- I'll try my ideas out on you, my loyal fans. Here's a list of my ideas.

"The awesomeness of Barack Obama"- This is a short book listing what I've actually done to deserve being elected. I'm having problems thinking of anything. If anyone has an idea please send it to

"Joe Loser- Hero of AmeriCorps"- AmeriCorps is an important project. The is the story of one incompetent American, not making a difference regardless of how much money the government pumps into a program.

"The Little PAC that could" This is the story of a mad Hungarian. Mad as in angry. Angry at America. He's also mad as in crazy- he's made billions of dollars in a capitalist system that he hates. Thus, was born.

"Liberal family values- the story of Candy the crack whore" Candy was a whore. She also really liked crack. This is the story of how she sold her baby to get money for an abortion- and some more crack.

"Joe Lieberman- Public enemy" This is the story or an American that supported our war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan. What kind of Democrat would do that?

"Spare Change" The story of one Democrat who longed for change at the expense of all that we hold dear. This one is especially close to my heart.


Spoken like a true hero of the liberal cause- Well done!

I suggest, "The Awesomeness of Barack Obama" Except I think you should include your middle name. I always do.

I have so little time to read. I can only read very short books.

No problem with that- In reality, I have very little to say!

Your satire intrigues me. I will follow with caution.

Thanks for dropping in today.

"With caution, there can be no change"- words to live by.

Barry O