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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Notre Dame Clarification.

Posted by Barry O Tuesday, March 24, 2009, under ,, | 3 comments

I was asked for some clarification on my views of life. It seems that
the students of Notre Dame weren't upset about my support of living my
life as well as I can, but over a woman's right to choose. This
concerned me deeply, so I asked Bill to explain it to me.

"You see Barry, when a man doesn't love a woman, and 2 people have lust
in their heart, they sometimes have hot, nasty, greasy monkey sex."
said Bill. He continued, while perspiring heavily. "Sometimes they don't
have sex, and by that I mean they have mouth whoopee. Say, have you
hired your intern staff yet?" I pleaded with Bill to get back on

"Well, sometimes with all the drinking and partying, people don't
protect themselves." I asked for clarification. "You mean like our army
guys in Iraq?" Bill answered, "I've never much understood the military-
lets get back to what I do understand"

He explained the mechanics, but I was a little unclear of what this had
to do with life. The procreative act either generates life, or it
doesn't. I mean I've been with Michelle 6 or 7 times, yet we only had
two bebe's...

Bill went on "It's not whether the act creates babies, it's what you do
with them." I asked "What else could you do, but love them?" Bill
answered, "Well some people kill them." I said "Are we talking about
Netanyahu, again? Your wife must really hate him." Bill agreed, "Hillary
does really hate Netanyahu, but not as much as she hates people who deny
a woman her choice." Now this was getting confusing. "What possible way
could a woman choose not to have a babe, other than to abstain form
having sex. I mean, this is about personal responsibility, right?"

Bill disagreed. "A woman has choice over what is in her body."

I answered "That's my point, exactly. If she makes the right choice over what she puts in her body, she won't get pregnant.

Bill was exasperated and said he needed to head down to the intern pool
for a cigar. I didn't know the interns had their own pool. I wonder if
it's near the bowling alley?


Oh, Barry O, the interns have their own pool? I wonder what they do in it.

Man you are hilarious. I wish I was creative, instead of just Angry, Hostile, Frustrated, and KOOKY


Mostly they try to escape Bill...