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Friday, March 20, 2009

No tattoo...

Posted by Barry O Friday, March 20, 2009, under ,, | 4 comments

Well, Michelle said no to the tattoo.

I had a great idea, I was going to get a tattoo that said "The Man", because, as you know, I am the man. Michelle said it was an insult, that there is nothing to admire about the man. That reminded me of that awful movie Undercover Brother, so I grudgingly agreed. I countered that I should instead get a tattoo based on the only good Saturday Night Live movie ever made- The Coneheads. At that point Michelle threatened to move back to Chicago. Worse yet, she threatened to leave her mother in DC.

Long story short, sadly, there is no tattoo in Barry O's future...


This is such a cool blog... great job my friend

Perhaps you could get a tattoo of a UPC symbol. Hey! Maybe you could force all Americans to get one!

Do you REALLY let her push you around like that?

A tattoo? Really? I don't know which notion is funnier, the idea that you want to ink your body up or the fact that Michelle's Mother lives with y'all! HAHAHAHAHA