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Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Meeting with Hillary

Posted by Barry O Thursday, March 19, 2009, under ,,, | 1 comment

My friend Hillary came to see me today- she seemed aggravated. She said that she didn't trust her Bebe. I said, that Chelsea is hardly a Bebe any more- but she got angry and called me a "Douche" Yea! A new nickname! I tried to calmly explain that we have to let our young grow up- we wouldn’t want to force them into making horrible decisions, like making decisions that lead to cursing them with their own Bebe's, but she cut me off. She said that she meant Bebe Netanyahu.

I offered that I would never name my Bebe Netanyahu, but Hillary explained that he was the Prime Minister of Israel.

I asked what the problem was- I know that my previous reverend didn't trust Israel, but he didn't like America either, and as far as I am concerned any country that would elect me President is a a pretty special place. Anyway, I asked what the problem with Bebe was.

"He wants to bomb Iran.", said Hillary

"Do you think we could talk him into bombing Pakistan instead?" I asked, "I've been wanting to do that myself".

It was at that moment that Hillary noticed the stacks of panties we found in the Oval Office couch cushions yesterday. Hillary looked at them, turned red, and screamed "That Bastard", running out of the office at full steam. I don't know why she was ups set- they weren't Bebe's panties...

I wonder- does this mean I get to bomb Pakistan?


HILLarious- Get ir- HILL- larious like HILLary.