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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Balancing the checkbook

Posted by Barry O Thursday, April 02, 2009, under , | No comments

I had a meeting with the Republican Leadership today. It was eye opening- I didn't even know that they existed!

Anyway, that Cantor guy was pretty harsh. Spend this, spend that. I was with him until he explained that he was against all the spending- wow, can you imagine? After he left, I called in Geithner. We needed to talk.

"The Republicans are worried about spending" I said.

Geithner replied "I haven't heard that in 8 years, what's bugging them now?"

"Well, Cantor said we are spending more than we have, is that true?"

Geithner thought for a moment- you can tell when he's having trouble with a concept (which happens in most conversations). He finally answered-

"I don't think so.", but I needed more information.

"How can you be sure that we are not out of money?"

Geithner was thinking hard now- and then you could see the light bulb light up over his head.

"We have to have money left- we are not out of checks!"

Boy, was I relieved...




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