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Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Posted by Barry O Wednesday, April 08, 2009, under | 4 comments

This pirate thing really has me upset. You know, I have some seriously mixed emotions. I know that it is bad to illegally seize a foreign flagged vessel with an all American crew. The thing that confuses me is how could a man as nice as Johnnie Depp be involved in something like this. He's a good liberal, and has supported me on numerous occasions. I'm really hurt...

Oh my- what if Jason Bay is involved somehow?


What's the big deal? Congress is turning into one giant pirate ship with Nancy Pelosi wearing the peg-leg. The interesting thing is that instead of burying the treasure they seize from us, they invest it into bankrupt companies. So cruel!

Captain Phillips is free! And you know what happened... pop goes the pirates! So happy for his family and for him.



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