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Thursday, April 02, 2009

How to secure your legacy...

Posted by Barry O Thursday, April 02, 2009, under ,, | 8 comments

I'd like to make one thing clear. We are all about accountability here at the White House. We insist that George W. Bush be held accountable for everything. Or at least every bad thing. Or at least 90% the bad things going on in your life. Here's how I do it:

Travel makes me constipated, and boy was I hurting by the time we hit London. Air Force One used to be used by President Bush, therefore, my constipation is his fault.

The car companies are really hurting right now- and conveniently enough, George Bush has driven a car- so it's Bush's fault! See it's easy.

Jupiter's Great Red Spot is shrinking That was more Rove's hot air than Bush- but hey, he worked for Bush...

The war in Iraq- This really bothers me because Bush had the audacity to actually win the war before I could cut and run. I'll just keep saying it's a lost cause- that worked for Harry Reid.

The economy. Bush's massive spending tanked the economy- wait a minute. My spending is going to triple the budget deficit over 5 years. What's Michelle Bachman going to be saying about me in 2013?


you are a fucking idiot. eat a dick

Ohhh- how insightful. And Shocking. Plus, I could delete it if I didn't want to show the world wha a d-bag you are!

Will you delete comments if you disagree with them, though? This is so much more than Bush or Obama. Our current problems have their roots in the decisions made by Carter, Reagan, Bush I, and Clinton, too. I suggest you read military vet Bacevich's "The Limits of Power" before you let your partisanship out to blog anymore. Even the audiobook would do it- I bet your local library has a copy.

No I dont delete anything... I was just trying to illustrate that that guy was a d-bag, and he is irrelevant.

I'll step out of the Barry persona for a moment. What we do here is poke fun of things. BUT- this is a conservative republican blog. We'll poke fun of the right too, but the tradgi-comedy of this administration will be our primary focus.

You bet your sweet pancakes I would've deleted that one. The argument was so strong - I was intimidated. And the partisanship was just waaaaaaay too Leftist for me.

But it's your blog; do as you wish.

That comment was not a civil disagreement. It was an insult. And to top it off, the person did not have the guts to identify themself.

But, back to your post, Barry, the hole in the Ozone layer was literaly killing us during the Bush term, wasn't it? And now, since you entered office, the hole had magically healed itself! WOW! Do you have magic powers?

Anonymous should wash his/her mouth out with soap. Why do libs who comment on websites feel the need to use foul language? Could it be they have nothing of substance to say? I can't tell you what to do, but that nasty comment might turn some people off to reading the blog if they think words and comments like that will be tolerated.
By the way BO, when do you find the time to blog with all of your Presidential duties?



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