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Friday, April 03, 2009

Your country needs you!

Posted by Barry O Friday, April 03, 2009, under | 7 comments

And by country, I mean president. Me- Barry O.

What we need is a a little love. Not dirty, dirty, man on man Geithner love, but linky love.

If you have a blog and like what you see, please, for the love of God, link to us. Leave me a message and I'll link back. Also, please feel free to tell your friends. We also now have a little button so you can share us on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social network. Again, we return our favors around here, and we are close to hitting it big. Lastly- If you follow our blog on the google friend connect applet, Barry will return the favor.

Mostly, thanks for your patronage. This is working out better than I thought possible. Special thanks to our regulars- your posts and replies are truly appreciated.

There is one more special mission, should you choose to take it. There's no cash involved, but there will be much linky love. I need caricatures of Barry, Bill, Hill and the rest of the cabinet. Just to spruce things up a bit.

Barry O


Oh, Barry O, if you want characters, all you have to do is look in the mirror.


(Make that caricatures.)

I can do my best to make some caricatures. I'm quite handy with Microsoft Flash. It might take me a few days to get them done, what with homework and stuff, but you'll have them eventually. Exactly who do you want aside from those three mentioned?

It took me an hour and I've knocked out Geither, Emanuel, and the Clintons. I'll work on Barry and Lady M tomorrow, and whichever other ones you'd like after that.

Drooz- you are my hero. I have nominated you for the highest possible honor awarded by my administration. The Iranian medal of Martydom- with gold Allah!

Thanks, it's greatly appreciated. I've done Lady M, The One, Hairplug Biden, TOTUS, and Manly Pelosi...anyone else?

I would like Bebe Netanyahu and President Bush if possible- can you send them to




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