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Monday, April 06, 2009


Posted by Barry O Monday, April 06, 2009, under , | 8 comments

In addition to the tourism limitations to Antarctica, I have some additional travel limitations to equally popular places:

The 8th dimension (The lizard people really scare me)
Zeta Reticuli

But, remember- it's okay to go to Cuba, and it's okay for any terrorist to sneak in and live here. We'll also let Cuban terrorists vote.


I require information on Zeti Reticuli. Are we talking "home of the greys" or as spoken of on the site intended to facilitate the gradual release of confidential documents pertaining to a top secret exchange program of twelve US milatary personel to Serpo, in the Zeti Reticuli star system between 1965-78? 'Cause I'd kind of like to see that place for myself. :-)

Does that mean our relations with the penguins are souring? At least things are improving between us and Castro's Cuba. What a relief! I am so happy to see all this peace and love at last!

Well, Knew with the closing of Gitmo that we were paving the way for normalizing relations with Cuba.

I bet we close the whole base, spend money to modernize it and gie it to the cubans as the new peace keeping offering. They will take it and turn it into an international airport, resort, and launchpad for Chicom and Russian nukes.

And photograpic evidence of said Nukes will not convince our glorious leader because the reality in his mind he has already removed Nukes from the world. So since we won't have them neither will any other country.

Kind of like gun control on a larger scale

We do want the illegal Cuban's votes but only if they vote for the right side. If they vote for the other side, we'll refuse to allow their votes.

Happy National Tartan Day!

Annanda Girl-
Serpo is what I put on my pancakes, right? W kept talking about that. Said something about that- I think Cheney has been there. That's were the secret bunker is- but don't tell biden!

Opus and Penguin talk. Perfect. Anyway, I've appointed Steve Dallas as a special envoy to the penguins.

Mark- Don't worry about how they vote- ACORN will be in the booth "assisting"

Kook- Clinton already gave the Chicoms all our secrets, so there is nothing to worry about.

Dang! Now I'll have to cancel my trip to the South Pole. Maybe I can visit North Korea instead...

Elm- that's fine, but can stop and drop off a letter to Hugo Chavez on the way?



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