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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Of poodles and pirates...

Posted by Barry O Tuesday, April 14, 2009, under ,, | 3 comments

"So, ahh, what is that thing..." Geithner asked as Humpy savagely
thrusted away at his leg. Tim didn't seem to mind all that much, except
that Humpy tends to vomit while "showing affection", as Michelle puts
it. Last night was chili night at the White House, so Humpy's stomach
was upset a little more than usual.

"It's my childhood pet, Spot, but everyone calls him 'Humpy'" I

"That's funny- that's my nickname at the public baths" stated Geithner-
an uncomfortable silence followed.

"I finally worked up the courage to ask Tim why he had come to see me, as
Humpy continued to work away at his leg.

"Well, I have bad news-" There was surprise. He continued "We found out
Captain Phillips is a 'Hard R'" A hard R is someone that voted in the
last three Republican primaries. Geithner continued on. "Hannity is
trying to get him on his TV show. It appears that he actually wants
credit for his bravery in standing up to the pirates. He also has this
weird expectation that the American government should be responsible for
the safety of it's citizens."

I couldn't believe that this lonely old sailor was trying to jump on my
bandwagon. I'm the one that told the SEaLs that they could open fire.
What did he do? Anyone can stand there with a gun in the back of their
head. I'll have to get Rahm on this- that guy can discredit anyone...


Captain Phillips is a hero, Barry0. Ah... can I borrow the Hummer?

Perhaps Barry shouldn't wait so long to decide to make a decision.


I'll have to think about that...



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