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Sunday, April 05, 2009

North Korea Missile Launch

Posted by Barry O Sunday, April 05, 2009, under | 4 comments

Hello fellow Americans. I don't usually work on Sunday's, but this North Korean missile thing is important. 

My advisers tell me that North Korean missiles are dangerous. So I had a brilliant idea. We'll give them some of our own safer missiles. Problem solved!

You must agree- that's change you can believe in!


Mr. Prez - Since you want to get rid of nuclear weapons, why don't you give NK ours and it'll save them a whole lot of trouble and they'll like us better.

Oh, Barry O, there is nothing like a safer missile.

And ours are nothing like safer missiles.

TCL- very good plan. I've sent some guys from State over so you can formulate this offer with Hillary.



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