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Thursday, April 09, 2009

It's Amnesty, everybody!

Posted by Barry O Thursday, April 09, 2009, under | 7 comments

Rahm comes in and starts talking about Amnesty. I mean, we liberals just
love amnesty- it reminds me of Amnesty International, and fills me full
of all sorts of warm and fuzzy feelings. I knew I was immediately for
this proposition. He had me at the word amnesty.

Then I learned of the actual benefits. I know what you are all saying-
because it's what I said not so many months ago "This is not going to be
a free ride. It's not going to be some instant amnesty," but the
benefits of instant amnesty far outweigh the risks.

The biggest benefit is we can finally (legally) register all those
illegal aliens that the Democratic Party has been courting for years. A
side effect is that this will also help the economy- business will now
be able to legally hire these immigrants instead of the far more
expensive "gringos" they are forced to hire now. It's a win/win! The
illegal's get jobs, and through registering them as voters, I'll get a
shot at keeping my job!

Chalk up one more change- change that's good for the Global Community!


Tragically, we have a problem. This is why I pulled support out from under Bush. While I was fighting in Iraq, Bush was letting people walk across the border.

The sad part is, that the only reason the dems want these people in the country is for an extended voting base which will be on social programs.

If they enable these people, I fear that we will truly see the beginnings of the United States as a third-world country.

Welcome BPB- and thanks for your service.

Maybe you can help me understand this BarryO... don't other people who want to immigrate here have to jump throug a lot of hoops? Why do we give those to the sounth of us special treatment? Or am I wrong?

We give them special treatment because it we took their land from them. VIVA LA RECONQUESTA

Seriously, this is as important as Cap and Trade, or Healthcare, THIS MUST FAIL or we will all FAIL.

I think your totally correct, Ananda. The reason Bush wanted them here was most likely an under the table handshake with Mexican ex-president Vicente Fox.

The current administration recognizes this group of people for what they are; a special interest group and a voting base. Also a way to expand the government tendrils with more social spending.

BTW, thank you for recognizing my service, TFP. I appreciate it. It was really meant to show a Soldier's point of view. Here we are on foreign soil fighting to keep terrorists out of the U.S. and they were opening the gates and letting them through. Kinda disheartening.

Well, at least when ACORN continues to register them, they won't be breaking the law. It's a win/win/win!



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