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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

My first love

Posted by Barry O Wednesday, April 08, 2009, under | 2 comments

You may have noticed that I sometimes like to share my personal
experiences on this blog. Today I will share the story of my first love.
Professor Trish Manley.

It was my freshman year, I was full of hope, and the urge to try new
things. I didn't get many dates in High school- it's hard to ask a girl
to the prom from the inside of a locker. So, I left my native
Illinois/Hawaii/Nebraska for college. I was aching for new experiences.

I had known that I wanted to be a community organizer for years. The
curriculum called for a class called "Transgender Studies" So I signed
right up. That's when I first saw her. Trish was stunning. There wasn't
a single thing that I didn't find enormously attractive. Her 6'3 height
and strong hands. Her short blond hair and the way she always wore
slacks. The way I could spend hours in her arms licking and caressing
that wonderful adams apple. She was a once in a lifetime find. I was in

One night, as we chatted over a dinner of sweet potato fritters, I
stared into her eyes. I knew we were ready. We left the restaurant and
practically ran to the hotel. I'd like to say we went all the way, but
we didn't. She was a true lady until the end. That night she did
everything she could possibly do without removing those boxer shorts
(I've always found boxers attractive on a woman, this must be why). She
could do things with her mouth, well, a gentleman never tells.

I still miss Trish. Sometimes I feel that Michelle is just missing
something. I wonder what it could be?


Sometimes I feel that Michelle is just missing
something. I wonder what it could be?


No thanks, I've had my fill...



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