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Friday, April 03, 2009

The real story of the King what-his-name picture.

Posted by Barry O Friday, April 03, 2009, under ,, | 4 comments

Okay, there's been some controversy over the picture below. I'll give a more in depth explanation.

You have to understand, we have protocol officers and translators. Really, I didn't have a clue of what was going on. Just as I do in the Oval Office, I pretty much just shut up and follow directions. So here's the story.

I walked in with my protocol guy, and he says "Follow my direction, and we'll get through this okay." So we walk in, and the king says, I think he said "Hoof ta hog toof". The translator says "The king greets you and wishes to express his desire to foster a good relationship between our two great nations."

Then the king says "Halooga". Translator guy added "As long as you know who wears the keffiyeh and who wears the abaya.

I answered "I too, wish to foster a good relations ship between our people, but I don't understand the reference"

The king answered "Hoof ta hog toof". The translator said "We lead 2 great nations. Like a camel and it's rider crossing the great desert, our fates are interlocked."

Then the king said "Halooga".- "but make no mistake, it is I who is driving, and you who is being ridden"

All I could do is offer up "Uh."

The king continued "Hoof ta hog toof"- "Now let us cement the relationship between our great nations-" "Halooga"- "Down on your knees, for you are my bitch"

So there you have- it all seems so much better now, right?


See- you do feel better now!

Oh, Barry O! For a minute there I actually thought you knew what you were doing. What a scare!


Don't worry about that- it's not about to hapy anytime soon...



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