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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Operation Urgent Fritter (Part 2)

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As rode in the cab towards Dulles Airport, I had a thought "Cheese and crackers! We can't use our passports!." If we used our own, we would soon be discovered. I thought that maybe the cabbie would know someone that could help me score a couple of passports.

"Ahmed, my man, I need to get out of the country, fast."

The cabbie looked me up and down and said "First, my name is Habib. Secondly, I must ask this only because of your ridiculous justice system, are you a policeman?"

I answered no, and the cabbie looked at Geithner. He noticed that we had found our way from Arlington, near the CIA headquarters. He then had a thought of his own. "He looks sick- where are you headed?"

I said "Tel Aviv", and Habib answered "ASSALAMU ALAYKUM, brother!" He continued on "TAHMID! TAKBIR, for sending you to us! We must get you some acceptable clothing. What a disguise you used to get by the Zionist Pigs!"

I'm not sure what all that means, but the cabbie drove us to an empty warehouse and gave us new clothes- including a very special vest for Tim. He gave me a cell phone and told me that when we get to our destination on Shenkin st., I should hit 'redial' and Allah would deliver to us a great victory. I knew that the Blackhawks were to start the Conference Finals this week, so I was all for a great victory. After we dressed the cabbie took us to an airstrip, and we boarded a small private plane and were off to Tel Aviv. These guys were very generous!

I had brought my iPod. I thought I would finally have a chance to listen to a new "book on tape" mp3 (reading is SO boring) that Michelle had purchased for me. I couldn't wait to start listing. I'm a big history fan- I believe we can learn from our mistakes, so I was eager to hear the English translation of Mein Kampf, as narrated by Harry Carry.

It's a long ride, and I'll update everyone in a little while. Can't wait to get those fritters!




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