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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Urgent Fritter (fini)

Posted by Barry O Wednesday, April 29, 2009, under ,, | 5 comments

Humpy was trying to tell me something. Thrust right, thrust right, thrust forward and thrust left. That means Tim is dead! I knew I needed to act, so I thought "What would MacGyver do?" He'd have T'ealc take Tim to a sarcophagus. No, wait wrong show... What would MacGyver do?

I knew now what to do- I sent Humpy to, ah, involve himself with the nearest police officer's leg. Then it was time for me to act. I grabbed the policeman's tazer. Who would have thought that a man dressed as an Arab in Tel Aviv would cause such a commotion by stealing a policeman's weapon? Fortunately, a bystander recognized Tim and yelled "That's Tim Geithner!", so no one interfered as I shot Tim with the tazer. My aim was off, and the two darts shot out and attached themselves to Tim's nipples. I pulled the trigger, and shocked Tim back to life.

By the time the commotion was over, the State Department had found us. We were quietly ushered back to the embassy, as Hillary berated us for infecting a friendly nation with the swine flu.

At least Tim is feeling better. He said that our adventure reminded him of "an average night in the village", whatever that means...


...oh my, this place gets wackier & wackier!!

We'll be back in DC tommorow!

Oh, Barry O, that was a shocking story!

Actually, I had to hit Geithner 4 times b4 he noticed. What does he do with his free time.=?



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